Prom Nails

Minimalist Nail Designs

If you prefer a shorter, natural nail then this trend may be right up your alley. We are loving minimalist nail art designs with their mix...

Skin Care

DIY Acne Treatment

Do you have honey in your kitchen? Honey is known to absorb impurities from skin and is an amazing cleanser for people that...

Prom Workouts

Morning Workout

A morning workout to jump start your day, is just what the doctor ordered! Get your heart pumping early in the morning to...

Prom Workouts

Arm Workout

Hi Prom Girl! Welcome to week three of your prom work out! This week let’s focus on the arms and your core. Complete...

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Prom Advice

Easy Sunday Hair Style

A quick and easy hair style for whatever your day holds! Super chic and super easy. Make three separate pony tails and tuck each of them...


The Hair Tuck

The “lazy girl” has become the new “it” thing to be, but it’s not actually being lazy? Making yourself look like you didn’t put...

Prom Workouts

Full Body Workout

Welcome to week two of your prom workout! This week let’s focus on the whole body. It’s going to be tough, but you...

Prom Nails

Burgundy Nails

Burgundy is the perfect color for the winter time! It’s warm, stylish and so classic! What ever your style may be, adding a...

Fun Food

Smoothies For Your Workout

Since we’re starting our prom workout, we’re giving you two delicious healthy smoothies that you can snack on before or after your workout!...

Prom Nails

Holiday Nails

It’s December!  The month filled with parties and holiday cheer! What better way to put you in a festive mood than to decorate...

Prom Hairstyles

The Faux Hawk

Calling all edgy, trendsetting prom girls!  This unique look is just for you! We first fell in love with the “Faux Hawk” when...

Skin Care

Tips for perfect eyebrows

There has been a recent fascination (okay, obsession!) with eyebrows lately. To many people, the most flattering compliment they could receive is, “Your...